Our experienced designers will measure and design your project for you based on your needs and wants. With 25 years experience in the industry we will be able to custom design a beautiful kitchen of your dreams, or any other project you may have. The designer will personally measure the area and with the latest cabinet software will be able to show you a virtual image of the project so you know exactly what your getting befeore you order. Our goal is to present you with all possible options so you are able to make an informed desicion.



Our team of experienced cabinet makers will deliver all merchandise to location indicated by customer. Our team makes sure all merchandise is blanket wrapped and securely placed to avoid any damages.



We emphasize respect and courtesy on our professional installers while installation is in process and at all given time. Project will be installed according to the design customer requested and at the given time.


Refacing Options

We can reface your existing cabinets by replacing doors and drawer fronts with any wood you desire. We will also match the stain color to your satisfaction.


Refinishing can be another alternative to refacing. We can refinish your existing cabinets by stripping the existing stain color and applying a new stain color and lacquer.

**NOTE: Our designer can recommended new cabinets for a lot less money than refacing or refinishing in most cases.